Welcome BACK to Mentally Fit Musings!

  • Hello again to all of you, my lovely friends!

It’s been a minute since I have worked on the setup of my blog… embarrassingly long actually! I guess at least working on content is proof that my blogging time has not been completely wasted.

I still definitely consider myself an ‘ASPIRING’, ‘BEGINNER’ or even ‘WANNABE’ blogger and with most things tech involved. My definition usually depends on the day! The changes that I have made on the blog seem very different & big to me, although a real blogger’s opinion on it may differ from mine. Come on Mel, quit with the selfdoubt!! Yeesh!!

So, in a more confident conclusion, I added a bunch of stuff and changed a bunch of stuff. Easy enough!! Hehe!

I hope that the layout is easier for you to navigate and that the content coming up will be enjoyable for everyone. I’ve been motivated and inspired to do more blogging about my chronic illnesses, (including my mental illness), awareness for them all, and self care… with a little less structured writing.

Yeah, sometimes my opinions will be strong & others will strongly disagree with, but it’s freeing to get out of a strict regiment of delivering fluff. And we need to get over the fact that not everyone is going to like us. Because that’s A.O.K.! I will be blogging more about what I’m educated on, what I have lots of experience with & what I feel is best, regardless of what others think! (Currently giving myself a huge pat on the back!)

If you ever have questions for me about something I’ve posted, one of my chronic illnesses (bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia and diabetes), or you just need a push in the right direction, contact me! My contact info is elsewhere, but I’ll repeat it here so it’s readily available for you.

Sending you all of the love, light and spoons that you need for the day, and a stock for tomorrow, just in case. Thank you so much for always reading, liking, commenting & following.  It is awareness is being spread, and that is something that means the world to cheesy, romanticized me!

Love, Mel

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