Don’t Worry About Getting Credit

DO NOT stop doing your best because someone/something/or a circumstance doesn’t end up giving you credit.

It’s easy to become offended, let down or insulted if someone else doesn’t appreciate you, your efforts or creations.  For someone struggling with a mental illness, that let down can reach us in an even harder, more negative way. These feelings we develop can stress us out even more when we’re already dealing with an anxiety issue (as an example).  If we are in a low place, like currently in a depression, the feelings can also drag us even further down than we already were.


Who the fuck do these feelings think they are anyway?  I think we’re allowed to hate them!

They tell us bullshit like:

  • They didn’t like what I said when I spoke up for myself, I must have been wrong or my opinion doesn’t matter.”
  • They didn’t like what I did when I stopped caring about drama and started to fix myself.  What I’m doing is obviously wrong and I guess they were right all along.”
  • They didn’t like what I made when I created this beautiful art, it must be terrible, I knew I wasn’t a real artist.”

When thoughts like this run through our heads, they usually start to manifest into something much bigger.  If we’re offended that we didn’t get any credit, we can truly walk back on ourselves because of lack of confidence, self doubt, and pressure from whoever that outside source is.

I understand that when we’re struggling, saying that we can actually let our feelings do anything is almost insulting. To us, they can mostly seem uncontrollable.

BUT if you can, if you’re strong enough, or you have someone strong to help you, tell all the thoughts like this to fuck off! Kick that self doubts’ ass! Chin up for more confidence and get rid of whoever the hell that outside source is that’s pressuring you!

Because guess what?


  • You should be able to voice your opinion, regardless of what it is, you weren’t wrong, and your opinion DOES matter!
  • If someone doesn’t support us and appreciate the fact that we are trying to better ourselves by ridding our own lives of drama and negativity, chuck ‘em. Seriously, If you’re doing this, hell, even I’M PROUD of you!
  • Whatever kind of art that you create, it should always be appreciated.  Not everyone has the same perspective on what they think “art” is, but even if you don’t like and/or understand it, it can still be APPRECIATED!


If you receive credit for anything that you consider to be art, well that’s excellent! But if you don’t, look back into why you started creating in the first place. Because that is the real credit in itself.  Most people I know start creating because of some kind of healing, cathartic, or passionate reason.  And all 3 of those words are extremely personal.  If someone else appreciates it, learns from it, or participates in it, that’s just the cherry on top.


Just always remember where it comes from.

From inside of us.

For us.

Give yourself credit, and don’t worry about any judgemental fools that seemingly like to live their lives, riding the line of ignorance.

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