Everybody Needs Loving

A saying that I have had for my entire life is, “Everybody needs loving”.

I’m sure I started feeling this so early in life because I’ve always been wired to be a super empathetic person. All the way back, as far as my memories can go, I have always truly (and quite passionately) believed that everyone deserves love.

‘Everybody needs loving’. It’s a simple yet intense thought, especially considering I was only old enough to have a basic concept of what love was.

As children, we learn our own version of love. Hopefully we are taught by someone in our lives to do things with love, we see loving relationships and/or we learn the textbook definition of ‘love’. Whatever your interpretations are, I hope they are really, really positive, because love is such a beautiful thing!

Regardless of any of the amazingly good things that you have acquired in your life, or the beautiful places that you may have travelled to, you deserve the same amount of love as someone in the exact opposite situation. Because also disregarding all of the really shitty things that have happened to you, the awful places you have been taken or even if you have acquired nothing in life, you still deserve the same love.

Once upon a time, when we knew no judgement, we believed everyone deserved love, so why would that statement change when we grow older and learn different things about people?? Their flaws, mistakes or any forms of INABILITY, should not determine whether they receive love or not.

A common misconception and disagreement of my statement is that you may think someone doesn’t deserve love because they don’t deserve YOUR love. Everyone needs love from someone. That doesn’t mean you have to be the one to give it to them, but they deserve to get it from somewhere.


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