But, Still



You can still always message me.

I am working hard on talking to you.

But still, please message me.


 You can still come and see me.

I’m working hard to leave my comforts and closed doors.

But still, come on out & see me.


You can still always show your soulful love for me.

I’m working diligently on loving myself.

But still, please show all of the love that you have.


Fight fucking hard for me.

I work so hard on fighting for myself and am getting stronger everyday.

But still, sometimes I need a little extra help, so fight for me.


If you can’t message me,

If you can’t see me,

If you can’t love me

And you still can’t even fight for me?


Then for goodness sake, leave me.

I’m learning more everyday about how to leave disloyal people, but am no master yet.


But still, if you just can’t…

Then leave me.


I will still ALWAYS be here.

Being still, and still me.

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