Were They Sandy Beach Days?

Remember those sandy beach days?

Those “we thought this was out of reach” days?

The “hell I’ve worked hard this week”, gonna have fun Sundays?


My favorite duo being careful and taking care,

The youngest brute bullying. but no one bothers to care.

The rules and precautions become more and more rare.


That 4 legged beauty that held all the glory!

A fire for the cooks and a burn without sorry.

Assembled by females that had the best stories.


Chances to be on the water, men stepping away from their founding.

All of us were home sedentary, due for a change in surroundings.

I loved seeing the smiling faces on the ones with the best known groundings.


Packing up in 6 assortments of cars.

Knowing that until next week, it’ll be constant working wars.

No one ever thought it would happen, not with all their scars.


Eventually came a home across the street.

The death slide, merry go round and nasty bird’s treats.

Red and white with every family taking turns in the seat.


So many decades have passed and lives have come to an end.

Its hard to picture the home replaced and the families that had to blend.

The memories we take away from those sandy beach days?

They are enough for any steel heart to bend.


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