My Love For Writing


It has been a very long time since I embraced my love for writing, especially poetry.  But I have been feeling very inspired by this new perspective of mine!

Positivity doesn’t mean having to be a constant of anything.  Constantly happy, constantly accomplishing things, constantly succeeding or even constant smiling.  Yes, some people do believe that I should have a smile on my face all day.  I’m happy y’all, not hypnotized!

Positivity is a new way for me to think.  It’s a mindset that will hopefully lead me to the best outcome for my life.  It is a way to contribute my own love into my life and be excited to wake up in the morning.  To stop feeling like life doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning.

That’s why our goal should always be to concentrate on ourselves first.  We cannot drink from an empty cup, or find happiness in the place that we lost it, so we have to take care. Then love on our family and friends.  Don’t concentrate on anyone else’s perspective or way of thinking.  It’s about adding good to YOUR life on a daily basis.

Positive living is just one of the parts of my life that will contribute to my writing, my blog, my posts.  I will also share stories and other pieces of formal writing about my past, my battle on the way out of depression, settling coming out of mania, the great stable times, AND my gorgeous family and friends.

I hope that we continue to share our beautiful, positive communications and that you enjoy my writing pieces that I will be blogging to share and support anyone that needs it.

Again, thank you so much for reading!

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