Good For Her



She was mine the first time I could dim her light.

She knows I can convince her of anything, so easily and in all the twisted ways that I love.  She’s a burden, and not worthy, feels like she doesn’t belong.  Not my problem, good for her.

She’s started to look for answers, but to no worry.  I have the power to make her happy for a day, just enough to enter doubt.  She won’t know why she was questioning me in the first place.  Best to make it good for her.

She’s intelligent and she’s trying to ignore me.  She even thinks that one day she may be able to cope with me.  However, I am the originator of major chemical imbalances, therefore will always win.  I am so good for her!

She knows the parts of me that most people don’t have to see or acknowledge.  It means more jumbled thoughts, foggy linings and self seclusion.  But it also means alone time for her and I!  What a blessing, just the two of us.  She’ll learn that it’s good for her.

She’s trying to challenge me.  How dare she? We’re both complex but I never thought she’d find people or seek out the right questions.  It doesn’t matter, she hasn’t figured it out yet.  Good for her.

She doesn’t think I’ve done enough for her already?  I gave her anxiety, dread and the fear of other people and now she’s selfish enough to want more?  She wants love, inner peace and for me to leave her alone?  I’m supposed to think that’s good for her?

She found those people.  She’s convinced that I don’t own her?  She found medication to take away my worst traits? That’s not fair to me!   It affects our original relationship, and that’s not good for her!

She was the baby.  That kid.  The teenager.  Now she’s that friend.  That friend that finally conquered me.

Good for her.

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